Home remedies for Animal Bites


Home remedies for Animal Bites

Children or adults can be bitten by many different types of animals. This can be a cat, dog, raccoons, squirrels, ferrets or even hamsters. There are times even the family pet can bite you. Most states require that the animal bite to be reported. Most often an animal will only bite if it is provoked. There are quite a few animals that tend to bite even if not provoked.

Dealing with Cat Scratches or Dog bites:

Before you take any step to tackle an animal bite, it is important to ensure you are calm. For bites which are considered as ‘shallow’, you need to

*wash the wound with water and soap using the faucet for a minimum of 5 minutes. You need to apply an antiseptic lotion or cream.

*Observe for indications of any infection. This can be an increase in the pain or redness, fever, red streaks from the specific bite or even leaking of some fluid.

For bites which are more severe and deep

*Apply pressure to the bite with a clean towel or bandage if this is bleeding.

*The wound needs to be washed with soap and water from the faucet for 5 minutes without scrubbing. Scrubbing the bite can get the tissue to be bruised.

*Dry the area which is wounded and cover this with a bandage which is sterile. Ensure there are no bacteria trapped in the wound by not using butterfly bandages or tapes.

*Report the attack to the nearest hospital. The health care provider decides if any more treatment is required. You might need a tetanus injection or antibiotics, or probably an injection for rabies. There is also a possibility of the wound requiring some stitches.

When to call a Doctor?

As mentioned, animal bites need to be checked out by a qualified medical professional. This is necessary as an animal bite can

  1. Lead to a serious infection.
  2. There is a risk of tetanus if your immunization is not up to date.
  3. There is a possibility of damage to the blood vessel or the nerve.
  4. There is a risk of rabies depending in the circumstances and the type of animal.

You need to be aware that an animal bite can lead to serious problems if not attended to immediately. Besides the risk of tetanus and rabies, animal bites can also lead to broken bones. There is a possibility of scarring if the animal bite tears the skin.

Requirement of Rabies Shot:

In case you are bitten by a stray dog who shows any signs of rabies it is important that you take the rabies shot. This is considered as a ‘fatal’ condition which can be prevented with timely treatment. This rabies shot is administered in a four injection series over the course of few weeks.

For dealing with the pain of the animal bite you can take any anti-inflammatory till the treatment starts working. In short, it is advisable to get any animal bite checked to avoid risk of any complications.