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What is Rheumatism?

Home Remedies for rheumatismRheumatism arthritis is a chronic and painful disorder which can attack the joints on your arms and legs leaving them inflamed and swollen. Although rheumatism symptoms may often resemble those of another condition called osteoarthritis, one can spot a few differences between them. In rheumatism arthritis, the lining in the joints is inflamed while in osteoarthritis the painful condition is due to wear and tear of joints and ligaments. Left untreated, rheumatism arthritis would ultimately result in denuded bones and permanently distorted joints. Osteoarthritis, on the other hand, is a painful condition but may not cause any permanent damage.

Rheumatism Causes:

  1. Toxic waste products in the blood. The liberal consumption of meat, white bread, sugar, and refined cereals leaves a large residue of toxic wastes in the system. -When the vitality is low, the toxic wastes are concentrated around the joints and bony structure, where they form the basis of rheumatism
  2. In certain cases, infection from the teeth, tonsils, and gall-bladder may produce rheumatism. The disease is aggravated by exposure to cold water

Rheumatism Symptoms:

  1. Persistent pain in the joints along with swelling
  2. Joints are tender to the touch
  3. Persistent fevers and chills.
  4. Fever may be accompanied by a feeling of fatigue.
  5. Swollen hands that are burning red and hot to the touch
  6. Morning soreness in the limbs.
  7. Nodule like growth underneath the skin on the arms.
  8. Rapid weight loss

Rheumatism Prevention Tips:

  1. Participate in regular but gentle exercises such as walking, swimming, biking or water aerobics
  2. Stretch of joints and musclesis important to prevent stiffness
  3. Know your limits and do not push yourself too hard
  4. Apply heat or ice packs to the affected area for temporary relief
  5. Bath in hot water containing Epsom salts to soothe painful muscles
  6. Take regular breaks by walking around periodically when performing tasks
  7. Sit on high back chairs rather than chairs without support
  8. Reduce stress and tension by practicing deep breathing exercises

Rheumatism Home Remedies:

  1. Potato Juice: The juice of raw potato is regarded as an excellent remedy fur rheumatism. One or two teaspoons of the juice, taken out by pressing mashed raw potatoes, should be taken before meals. This will help to eliminate the toxic condition and relieve rheumatism. The skin of the potato is also an excellent remedy for rheumatism. The skin is exceptionally rich in vital mineral salts, and the water in which the peelings are boiled is one of the best medicines for ailments caused by excess toxic matter in the system. Approximately thirty grams of the potato peelings should be thoroughly washed and boiled in half a litre of water till it is reduced to half. The decoction should then be strained and a glass of the same should be taken three or four times daily
  2. Bitter Gourd (Karela): Bitter gourd is considered beneficial in the treatment of rheumatism. A cup of juice, extracted from the vegetable, should be mixed with a teaspoon of honey, and taken daily for treating this condition. This treatment should be continued for at least three months to provide relief
  3. Lemon: Lemons are beneficial in the treatment of rheumatism. The patient should take the juice of two or three lemons each day. This will bring good results
  4. Walnuts (Akhrot): Walnuts are valuable in rheumatism. They should, however, be thoroughly masticated to achieve beneficial results. Half a dozen can be taken daily in the treatment of this condition
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