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What is Migraine?

Home Remedies for Migraine HeadachesMigraine Headaches are paroxysmal ailments, that are accompanied by a severe headache. The headache normally occurs on one side of the head. Migraine is associated with disorders of digestion, liver, and sight. Migraine headaches occur sometimes due to great mental tension and stress. Migraine headache patients are typically smart, inflexible, disciplined. Sudden migraine attacks may occur due to overworked muscles in the head and neck and due to continuous stress. The blood flow drops because these tight muscles squeeze the arteries. When the person suddenly relaxes these tight muscles expand and stretch the blood vessel walls. The blood pumped with each heartbeat then pushes the vessels further causing immense pain.

Migraine Causes:

  1. Low blood sugar
  2. Allergy infection
  3. Excessive intake of certain drugs
  4. Nutritional deficiency
  5. Consistent overwork
  6. Improper sleep and rest
  7. Excessive smoking, drinking,and sexual indulgence.
  8. Stress, tension or anxiety
  9. Menstruation in women is also one of the important cause of migraine headache.

Migraine Symptoms:

  1. Pain on one side of the head. Normally, the pain is on only one side of the head and often starts from behind the eye. The migraine attack is concentrated on the left side on once occasion and on another you have a headache on the right side.
  2. A short period of depression, irritability and loss of appetite
  3. Pounding pain, nausea, and vomiting
  4. Numbness or weakness in an arm or leg, or on one side of the face
  5. Irritability, laziness, stiff neck, yawning are signs of common migraine (migraine without aura). Confused thinking, weakness, difficulty in concentrating are some other signs.
  6. Migraines with aura may have all the symptoms of those without the aura. But has one additional symptom: a visual C shaped aura. A C shaped arc of flashing lights with the center as gray or blind and the colored lights at the end of the C. This migraine aura starts as a small dot and expands in about 30 minutes.

Migraine Prevention Tips:

  1. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and do not skip meals.
  2. Try stick to a regular sleep pattern, and ensure that you get enough sleep each night.
  3. Keep a migraine journal to help identify migraine triggers. Include all the foods, activities or anything else you did that day. Once you know your triggers then you can do your best to avoid them.
  4. Learn to relax. Practice relaxation techniques and deep breathing to help you manage stress and tension.
  5. If you feel a migraine coming on, find a quiet and dark room and lay down with a cold compress on your forehead.
  6. Avoid tobacco smoke and limit your caffeine intake whenever possible
  7. If you are a woman suffering from regular migraines, it may be useful to limit your estrogen intake. Estrogen can be found in many birth control and hormone replacement therapies, so you may need to discuss alternatives with your doctor.

Migraine Home Remedies:

  1. Grapes: Migraine relief can be obtained from the juice of ripe grapes and is an effective home remedy. Grind fresh ripe grapes and drink without adding any water.
  2. Niacin: Niacin has proved helpful in relieving migraine pain. Valuable sources of this vitamin are yeast, whole wheat, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, nuts, sunflower seeds, liver and fish. Vitamin I complex tablets containing 100 mg of niacin can be taken for migraine treatment.
  3. Cabbage Leaf Compress: Cabbage leaf compress can help relieve the pain of a migraine headache. Crush a few cabbage leaves, place in a cloth and apply on the forehead for extended period of time. Use fresh leaves when the compressed leaves dry out.
  4. Lemon Crust: Lemon crusts can cure migraine. Grind lemon crust and apply as a paste on the forehead. Migraine cures using this remedy has been found very effective and long lasting by many.
  5. Vegetable Juices: Carrot juice combined with spinach, beet and cucumber juices are good for migraine treatment. Use on the 2 following mixtures as migraine therapy:
    1: Mix 200 ml of spinach juice with 300 ml of carrot juice.
    2: Mix 100 ml each of beet and cucumber juices with 300 ml of carrot juice.
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