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Hair Fall/loss Causes:

Home Remedies for hair loss
  1. Fungal infection such as "black dot" tinea or tinea capitis
  2. Compulsive hair pulling
  3. Iron deficiency
  4. Physical or psychological stress
  5. Hereditary disorder
  6. Adverse effect from certain drugs such as chemotherapy, testosterone booster tablets.

Hair Fall/loss Prevention :

  1. Eat protein food to prevent hair loss.
  2. Eat as much as green leafy vegetables to stop hair loss.
  3. Don't comb your hair after taking head bath, wait till your hair gets dry. So that you will not loose any hair.

Hair Fall/loss Home Remedies:

  1. Coconut: Apply coconut oil and wait for 1 hour and take headbath. which will helps to prevent hair loss.
  2. Egg: Apply egg yolk and massage slowly to hair and wait for an hour and wash it.
  3. Apply Hibiscus plant leaves paste to hair and wait for half an hour and wash it.
  4. Tulsi and Neem: Dry-up the Holy Basil (Tulsi) leaves and neem leaves, and make it as a powder and add some water to it and make it as a paste. Apply this paste to hair and wait for 1 hour and wash it.
  5. Henna and Egg: Mix egg yolk with henna and apply to hair and wash it when it becomes dry.
  6. Cold water: Don't use soaps or shampoo for head bath. Daily morning having a head bath with cold water helps to improve blood circulation, which results in good hair growth.
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