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What is Burns ?

Home Remedies for burnDysuria is the feeling of pain, burning, or discomfort upon urination. Although dysuria frequently indicates the presence of a urinary tract infection (UTI), it can have a variety of causes. Dysuria should always trigger a visit to a health-care professional for evaluation and diagnosis. Dysuria is relatively common condition. Statistically, it has been found that women suffer from the condition more than men.

Burns Symptoms :

  1. First-Degree Burns: Red skin Mild pain Minor Swelling
  2. Second-Degree Burns: Swelling Blisters Peeling of the skin Severe pain Wet-looking area, with bright pink to cherry red color
  3. Third-Degree Burns (All Layers): Very severe pain Charred skin Numbness

Burns Prevention :

  1. Install smoke detectors.
  2. Never leave a cigarette or candle unattended
  3. Check electrical wiring and switch open plugs off at the wall
  4. DON’T use butter or lard to apply on a burn; this is an old wives tale; it may just ‘cook’ the burn! (rather used cold water, or a cool compress, or seek medical advice)
  5. Watch out for scalding dangers – cups of hot tea, pans on the stove, kettles and hot baths – all especially risky for energetic toddlers who tend to ‘explore’ the house.
  6. Never leave a child unattended in the bathtub, even for a few seconds. Don't entrust an older child to watch a toddler. If you have to answer the door or the telephone, take the child with you!
  7. Always test the water in the bathtub yourself before immersing your child. A child's sensitive skin can burn easily from water that's too hot.

Dealing with Scars :

  1. Wear a pressure garment around the burn.
  2. Wear a splint to prevent a contracture (a serious complication of burn scarring that can restrict movement and stop the circulation of blood flow, leading to death of tissue).
  3. Perform exercises recommended by a physical therapist that promote a wide range of motion.
  4. If scarring affects a child - encourage him or her to be active and to do things independently. Daily activities will help keep the scar area stretched and prevent complications.

Burns Home Remedies :

  1. Cold water: Putting cold water immediate on the burned area till the burning sensation reduces helps in reducing the effect of burn and prevents formation of blisters. Keep drinking water, milk, curd etc.
  2. Potato: Raw potato or potato pate applied on the burns helps to reducing burning and helps to heal faster.
  3. Neem (Azadirachta indica): Neem water heals the burn injuries, and also protects them from getting infected further.
  4. Honey: Applying Honey regularly on the burning makes healing faster and also removes burning scars.
  5. Turmeric: Turmeric paste applied on the burned wounds reduces burning and makes healing faster.
  6. Ghee (clarified butter): Applying Ghee on the burns helps to reducing burning and heals faster.
  7. Mango: The leaves of mango, burnt and its ashes sprinkled on the burns helps it heal faster.
  8. Mustard oil (Sarson ka teil): Applied on the burns, it helps to avoid blisters.
  9. Aloe Vera (Gwar patha): Its juice applied regularly on the burns helps in reducing burning, faster healing and removing scars.
  10. Sugar: Applying thick paste of sugar helps to reduces burning.
  11. Banana: Its pulp applied on the burns helps to reduce burning sensation.
  12. Carrot: Grind carrot and apply its paste on the burns.
  13. Glycerin: Applying Glycerin reduces burning.

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