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What is Baldness ?

Home Remedies for baldnessBaldness may be described as the partial or complete absence of hair on the scalp. It is also referred to by the medical term alopecia or hair loss. This condition does not only affect the scalp and hair loss can occur on other body areas such as eyebrows, eyelashes or pubic region. Normally, an individual loses approximately 50 to 100 hairs a day but sometimes a larger amount of hair is lost. Baldness affects both men and women.

Baldness Causes

  1. Pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) occurs as a result of heredity factors.
  2. Physical or emotional stress (high fever, weight loss, loss of a family member, nutritional deficiencies or surgery)
  3. Hairstyles that pull your hair back too tightly or excessive hairstyling
  4. Poor nutrition
  5. Certain medications and medical treatments
  6. Hormonal changes
  7. Hair treatments such as bleaching, dyeing, tight braiding, blow drying, straightening or hot curlers

Baldness Symptoms

  1. The typical pattern of male baldness begins at the hairline. The hairline gradually recedes to form an "M" shape. The existing hair may become finer and shorter. The hair at the crown also begins to thin. Eventually the top of the hairline meets the thinned crown, leaving a horseshoe pattern of hair around the sides of the head. Hair loss in patches, diffuse shedding of hair, breaking of hair shafts, or hair loss associated with redness, scaling, pain, or rapid progression could be caused by other conditions.

Baldness Prevention

  1. Avoid toxins. Smoking cigarettes puts toxic substances in your blood stream, causing hair loss and other health related problems.
  2. Eat a healthy diet: Eating a low fat diet, low in simple carbohydrates (sugar, white flour, white rice, white pasta), high in lean protein, whole grains, fruit and vegetables, will increase the amount of nutrition you are getting.
  3. Regular exercise increases your circulation, increasing blood flow throughout your body, even in your scalp.
  4. Begin taking a hair loss supplement. If you find one that's all natural, free of side effects, and full of healthy ingredients, you will be promoting your health as well as using the common sense approach to baldness prevention.
  5. Use a vitamin or herb enriched hair loss shampoo. This will not only help prevent hair loss, but will cleanse away dead hair follicles, and give the new hair follicles the nutrients they need to grow new healthy hair.

Baldness Home Remedies

  1. Pomegranate: Its leaves grinded and the paste applied on the scalp regularly helps to overcome baldness problem.
  2. Lemon:Applying Lemon juice on the scalp helps in growing new hairs and thus helps in baldness problem.
  3. Fenugreek:Soak fenugreek in night and grind it to a paste next morning, now add a teaspoon of green gram flour to the fenugreek paste and make a pack on head rub the bald area with hand. And have a headbath.
  4. Neem (Azadirachta indica) : Applying Neem oil the baldy area for some period helps in growing new hairs and thus helps in curing baldness problem.
  5. Onion: Applying Onion paste regularly on the baldy are helps min growing new hairs and thus helps in curing baldness problem.
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