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What is Asthma ?

Home Remedies for asthmaDuring an asthma attack, the lung’s airways (bronchioles) become inflamed, contract and become lined with excessive amounts of mucous—causing a restriction of airflow and making it very difficult to breathe. Chronic asthma can be a frightening condition which often requires vigilant medical management to prevent and minimize the occurrence of acute attacks. This can take the form of conventional Western medicine, homeopathic or naturopathic treatment. While many asthma attacks are relatively mild and can be treated and controlled at home, some are more severe and may even require hospitalization.

Asthma Causes

  1. Genetic factors; does run in the families.
  2. Children with early history of infections are susceptible.
  3. Triggers to asthmatic attacks include:
  4. Allergies to pollen, grass, certain foods, house dust mites, pets or any other environmental allergens
  5. Air pollution or irritants including car and factory emissions
  6. Smoke
  7. A number of perfumed products
  8. Upper respiratory infections
  9. Colds, flu and sinusitis
  10. Reflux
  11. Physical exertion or exercise
  12. Certain medications such as aspirin and penicillin
  13. Hormonal changes in women during menstruation pregnancy
  14. Sudden changes in air temperature or humidity
  15. Cold air
  16. Stress, anxiety and other strong emotions
  17. Preservatives

Asthma Symptoms

  1. Wheezing
  2. Shortness of breath
  3. Chest tightness, pain, or pressure

Asthma Prevention

  1. Exercise regularly. Many asthmatics avoid exercise for fear of inducing an asthma attack; however, it is not necessary to live a sedentary life-style. Regular, gentle exercise will help strengthen over-all lung and heart functioning and may help reduce asthma— provided you keep it in moderation and respect the limits of your fitness levels. If you are unfit, start off slowly, gradually increasing activity as your fitness levels increase.
  2. Include Vitamin C, B6 and magnesium to your daily supplements as a lack of these vital nutrients has been implicated in a number of inflammatory conditions, including asthma.
  3. Avoid common irritants such as spray deodorants, perfumed cleaning agents, and cigarette smoke, wherever possible.
  4. Reduce dust and pollen in your household. During pollen season, try keeping the windows closed and opt for an air conditioner instead. Dust can be reduced by replacing carpets with tiles or wooden floors, buying washable curtains and blinds, and vacuuming upholstered furniture and mattresses regularly.
  5. Wear a scarf over your nose and mouth if you have to go out in cold air and avoid exercising in cold air.
  6. Treat colds and flu as soon as they become evident.
  7. If stress and anxiety are triggers, learn to manage these with relaxation techniques such as meditation, deep breathing exercises and yoga.

Asthma Home Remedies

  1. Figs (Anjeer): Two Figs dipped overnight and taken in the morning for few days helps to cure Asthma.
  2. Fenugreek (Menthi) and Carom seeds (Ajwain): Boiled in water, filtered and this decoction mixed with Honey taken thrice a day regularly cure Asthma.
  3. Betel leaf (Pan):In one Betel leaf put 5 Basil (Tulsi) leaves, one Clove, Pinch of Camphor (Karpoor) and fold it. Eat this everyday to cure Asthma.
  4. Dry Dates (Chuara) and Dates (Khajur): Both give strength to lungs which is beneficial for curing Asthma.
  5. Lemon, Honey and Ginger: In one cup of hot water mix one spoon of lemon juice, two spoons of Honey and a spoon of Ginger juice. Drinking this daily helps to cure Asthma.
  6. Garlic juice:Garlic juice mixed with Honey or Garlic juice with hot water can be taken everyday is very good for Asthma patients.
  7. Brahmi juice: One Ounce of Brahmi (Gotu kola) juice taken in the morning for 21 days cure Asthma.
  8. Turmeric: Eating Turmeric powder With hot water is a good remedy for curing Asthma.
  9. Long Pepper (Pippali):Four Long pepper (Pippali) boiled with a glass of Milk, filtered, added with Jaggery or sugar helps in curing Asthma.
  10. Bitter gourd ( karela):It is also good for Asthma patients
  11. Wheat grass juice: Taken everyday, it is a very good remedy to cure Asthma.
  12. Sweet lime (mausami):Drinking sweet lime (mausami) juice with hot water, Cumin (Jeera) powder and dry Ginger powder (Sonth) helps in curing Asthma.
  13. Mint (pudina):Drinking a spoon of Mint (Pudina) juice with water everyday helps to cure Asthma.
  14. Ginger, Long pepper (Pipple), Black pepper (Kali Mirchi): Powdered in equal quantities and one spoon of this powder taken with Honey everyday cures Asthma.
  15. Honey:Drinking Honey with hot water thrice a day helps to reduce Asthma.
  16. Bael juice:Bael juice with spoon of long pepper (Pippali) powder of Honey taken thrice a week cures Asthma.
  17. Bael leaves:Bael leaves boiled in water, filtered and taken hot, helps to reduce Asthma.
  18. Black pepper:Taking half spoon of Black pepper powder mixed with a spoon of Honey helps in reducing Asthma.
  19. Banana leaf:Banana leaf burnt and its ash mixed with Honey taken cures Asthma. This is very old traditional approach for asthma treatment.
  20. Milk: Boiled milk with turmeric powder (haldi) (1 tsp) added could be taken in the morning and at night ,instead of coffee or tea. It is a very beneficial for asthma treatment.
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