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What is Arthritis ?

Home Remedies for arthritisArthritis is a form of joint disorder that involves inflammation of one or more joints. The major complaint by individuals who have arthritis is joint pain. Pain is often a constant and may be localized to the joint affected. The pain from arthritis is due to inflammation that occurs around the joint, damage to the joint from disease, daily wear and tear of joint, muscle strains caused by forceful movements against stiff, painful joints and fatigue.

Arthritis Causes

  1. Hereditory factors
  2. Overweight
  3. Physical stress on joints
  4. Aging and hormonal changes in the body
  5. Metabolic problems
  6. Old physical damage due to accident or fracture
  7. Improper dietery habits
  8. Exposure to cold conditions

Arthritis Symptoms

  1. Continuous joint pains while walking or cycling
  2. Swelling and stiffness in affected areas
  3. Redness of joints
  4. Joint movement is restricted
  5. Joint pain in morning
  6. Long fever
  7. Popping joints
  8. Inflamation on affected areas

Arthritis Prevention

  1. Take a rich diet in proteins, minerals, vitamins
  2. Drink water in copper glasses
  3. Avoid junk foods
  4. Maintain a proper balance between your work and rest
  5. Include fish in your diet
  6. Do regular exercise without stressing out the body
  7. Avoid improper postural habits

Arthritis Home Remedies

  1. Turmeric: Drink warm water with 1 teaspoon of turmeric. It relieves arthritis pain.
  2. Ginger, Pepper and Carway: Mixture of powders of 6 tsp each ginger, caraway seeds and 3 tsp black pepper could be taken in 1/2 tsp dosage along with water twice daily.
  3. Coconut Oil: Massage gently with pure coconut oil daily before going to bed.
  4. Olive oil:To get effective relief from Arthritis gently massage with warm olive oil.
  5. Enema: The arthritis patient must be given a lukewarm enema for a few days to cleanse the bowels, as the first step to prevent arthritis.
  6. Steam bath: A nice home remedy for arthritis treatment is Steam bath.
  7. Neem: Massage muscles and joints with Neem oil.
  8. Garlic: Eat two-three garlic pieces to get relief from arthritis.
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